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Case Studies > Garden Waste Collection - Cheltenham Borough Council

Cheltenham Borough Council is a mainly urban authority and covers an area of approximately 18 square miles . Within the borough there are currently 54,915 domestic properties with plans to increase this significantly over the next 17 years to satisfy demand.

The council offers a chargeable, fortnightly garden waste collection to residents that require the service. The waste is presented in a 240 litre wheeled bin, or in compostable paper sacks if there are access or storage restrictions. In 2013/14 some 14,200 households signed up for the garden waste service.  As with the residual waste  and recycling  collections, approximately 700 properties benefit from an enhanced 'assisted collection' scheme.

Ubico took on the waste collections for Cheltenham Borough Council in April 2012 and has continued to collect the waste in the same format as the council, with no changes to collection days or policy. We currently employ a team of six full time staff on the garden waste team. Most of our operatives live within the borough and have an outstanding knowledge of the local area. All staff members are fully trained and competent in manual handling and bin lift operation and work in accordance to industry approved risk assessments and safe systems of working. They are also trained to assist with our residual and recycling collections, which allows us greater flexibility to accommodate the seasonal peaks and troughs in the volume of waste presented. To ensure the safety of not only our employees, but also members of the public, our supervisors carry out regular, un-announced quality checks to ensure that our teams are working safely and returning waste receptacles neatly as we expect them to at all times.

Our collection crews and vehicles are based at our Swindon Road depot in Cheltenham with easy access to Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cirencester and the Forest of Dean. This base is also conveniently located near to the waste transfer facility at Stoke Orchard, Cheltenham. Our fleet is currently made up of two 26 tonne RCV's. Narrow access collections are carried out by a smaller vehicle, borrowed from the food waste service.  The nature of our collection rounds allows us some spare capacity for cross service vehicle sharing in the event of mechanical failure and routine vehicle maintenance.