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Case Studies > Round Optimisation

Ubico has invested in route optimisation software for its collection rounds across all districts. The software enables us to significantly reduce the cost of our collection service by designing and maintaining an efficient, well balanced collection service. The software can also assist us with our street cleaning, building cleaning and grounds maintenance route planning.The main uses of the software are:

  • Rationalising existing rounds and designing new rounds
  • Balancing rounds across crews to even workloads
  • Evaluating different shift patterns, collection points, depot locations and tipping options
  • Supporting option appraisal by providing a robust evidence base of cost information
  • Evaluating the cost of achieving different recycling performance

Prior to the purchase of the software, changes were made on a trial and error basis.Subject to shareholder approval, round changes using this software will enable us to:

  • Make savings of in the region of £30k per year
  • Reduce mileage covered and therefore reduce our carbon footprint, providing a more environmentally sustainable service
  • Reduce the disruption to the public through effective planning
  • Reassure our clients that proposed changes are both operationally and financially viable
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date round lists and maps

The system allows us to build in round route risk assessments to enable us to flag up Health and Safety problem areas and manage the resource accordingly. As well as this, it enables us to make improvements to the rounds of new shareholders to the company, enabling us to not only save money on fuel, but it allows us to explore a number of vehicle and tipping options. We are currently investigating the feasibility of adding in-cab technology to support this package to enable us to have real-time data on all collection rounds, therefore allowing us to provide better customer service to our clients.