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Case Studies > Stratton & Chesterton Cemeteries - Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council owns two cemeteries in Cirencester, both previously  managed in-house.

Chesterton Cemetery opened in 1872 and has approximately 14,000 burial plots. On site there are two chapels, one of which is still in use for burial services. Stratton Cemetery is a smaller cemetery with approximately 2,000 burial plots. The cemetery was opened in 1888. Ubico took over the maintenance of both cemeteries in August 2012.  We carry out all maintenance works including:

  • grave digging
  • dressing and re-filling
  • grass cutting
  • weed control
  • hedge maintenance
  • chapel cleaning
  • waste disposal

A small grounds maintenance team is on site full time throughout the year to ensure the grounds are looking their best at all times. When we took over the management of the cemeteries we spent time tidying up the appearance of both sites, clearing leaves and detritus from the access roads and pathways to improve the overall appearance. The staff facilities were improved and much of the old machinery was replaced with new, more efficient equipment.

We carry out routine assessments of memorial stones and tombs to ensure public safety. We are currently delivering a maintenance programme to ensure that both cemeteries continue to be safe places to visit. All staff members are fully trained and competent in manual handling and work in accordance to industry approved risk assessments and safe systems of working. They are also trained to assist with our other services, which allows us greater flexibility to accommodate the seasonal peaks and troughs in our workload.