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Case Studies > Waste & Recycling Container Stock Management and Delivery - Cotswold District Council

Cotswold District Council covers an area of 450 square miles and some 41,130 residential properties. This figure is growing rapidly to fulfil the requirements of the growing communities.

Each property is entitled to a wheelie bin (or Council branded sacks) for refuse disposal, three recycling boxes, a food waste caddy, a cardboard recycling sack and a plastic recycling sack as standard. Residents are also entitled to a garden waste wheeled bin (or sacks) if they subscribe to the service.

Since 2012 Ubico has managed the stock and delivery of these items.The council actively encourages residents to recycle as much as possible, so there is great demand throughout the year for additional recycling receptacles. They offer an online ordering service so that residents can 'self serve' and order to their individual requirements. The council send us a weekly receptacle delivery list, with an average of 103 deliveries or collections per week.

 We employ one full time member of staff who's job it is to deliver new receptacles throughout the district. During busy periods we utilise available staff from other service areas to assist with this. A service level agreement between Ubico and CDC states these requests must be dealt with within six weeks of the customer request. In reality, we work to a two week turnaround from customer contact to receptacle delivery.

If a container is unwanted, but in serviceable condition, we collect and clean it so that it can be re-used in the future. Where a container has reached the end of its working life, we collect it and pass it on to our local recycling depot, so that it can be melted down and re-used in the manufacturing industry.

We keep all associated paperwork so that the council can account for this stock in their carbon management plan. As well as the on-going delivery and collection requests, Ubico also manages the delivery of council branded waste sacks to some 3,250 properties that are unable to accommodate a wheeled bin. This is a huge task that takes place over the period of one month.  Again, we schedule this work to coincide with operational 'down time' of other services so that we can utilise staff from elsewhere to assist with deliveries.

Ubico manages all of the stock for the council and is now in charge of the procurement of receptacles to ensure that we have adequate stock at a competitive price, maintaining the councils reputation and fulfilling customer expectation. We have made savings for the council in the region of £20k by storing this stock 'in house'. We are committed to identifying further savings for the council by maintaining a flexible approach to the way that we are working and procuring stock.