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Data Protection

Data Protection

Ubico Ltd handles personal information about individuals and has a number of legal obligations when using that information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our duties under the Act apply throughout the period when we are processing personal data - as do the rights of individuals who are the subject of that personal data.

Ubico is contracted to supply environmental services to other Councils, at present Cheltenham Borough Council, Cotswold District Council, Forest of Dean District Council, Tewkesbury Borough Council and West Oxfordshire District Council. To do this in a more efficient and cost effective way, it will be necessary to share personal data with those councils.

The Council will still be responsible for your data (as a data controller). Ubico must comply with the Data Protection Act from the moment we obtain the data until the time when the data is returned to the Council, deleted or destroyed.

The Council will only disclose the personal data necessary for Ubico to provide the services we are carrying out on their behalf. This will be done on a strict basis that we must have the information to carry out specific tasks.

Ubico will also be a recipient of shared services which are provided by a shared 'back office' service by Cotswold District Council, this includes processing data to support functions such as financial transactions and procurements on behalf of Ubico, as well as shared data storage at Cheltenham Borough Council and HR and payroll services from Cotswold District Council.

Our duties under the Data Protection Act extend to the way we dispose of personal data when we no longer need to keep it - we must dispose of the data securely and in a way which does not harm the interests of the individuals the personal data is about.

Any individual can ask Ubico to tell them what information they hold about them and how they use it. This is called a data subject access request. This provides a better understanding of how their personal information is used.


I would like to express our appreciation of the two men who collect our garden waste. These men are so helpful and prepared to "go the extra mile" which sadly is not so common these days. In addition to providing excellent service, they are unfailingly cheerful and courteous and give our morning a real lift!

Mrs A, Hazleton

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