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It's been a busy month so far for our Tewkesbury street cleaning operations team, with the annual MOP fair coming to town and the completion of scheduled litter picking works on the A40.

The MOP Fair

The Tewkesbury MOP fair is now one of the largest and best known street fairs in the UK, an occasion enjoyed by visitors from all walks of life. However, most people don't realise the hard work that goes on behind the scenes ensuring the town is restored to its former glory after the thrills and spills of the fair.

For ubico the hard work starts on the Friday evening, collecting the equipment needed to close off the car park for the event. The team are then up and about early on the Saturday morning ensuring that the car park is closed off and swept ready for the fair to set up. Barriers are installed and covers put over parking meters.

On the day of the fair we ensure that the town centre is swept thoroughly and temporary litter bins are installed ready to give visitors plenty of opportunities to dispose of any fast food wrappers and litter.

Finally, on the morning after the event we send out an army of helpers at 4.30am while everyone else is still sleeping. They uncover parking machines, empty and collect the additional bins, litter pick and sweep the town again before taking down the temporary barriers. By 7am their work is done and Tewkesbury is ready for business as usual again!

A40 Litter Picking

Last week our teams faced a very different challenge - litter picking the A40 Golden Valley Bypass. This is a three day job that we carry out twice a year and involves hiring in a traffic management company to ensure the safety of our operatives at all times.

You would not believe the amount of preparation and planning that goes into litter picking the verges and central reservations on a relatively short stretch of road, but it's very rewarding to see the end result - we hope residents and visitors to the area agree.

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