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News > Ubico awarded contract with Gloucestershire County Council for the operation of Gloucestershire’s Household Recycling Centres

At a cabinet meeting, on 22nd July, Gloucestershire County Council took the decision to award Ubico, the contract for the provision of Household Recycling Centre Management at all five of their Household Recycling sites across Gloucestershire for a minimum of a further 5 years from August 2021.

Gloucestershire County Council joined Ubico as a shareholder in 2016 and on behalf of the council, Ubico manage Fosse Cross, Wingmoor Farm, Hempsted, Pyke Quarry, and Oak Quarry Household Recycling Centres. Ubico also operate a Recycling Centre in Swindon Road, Cheltenham, on behalf of Cheltenham Borough Council.

In 2019, Gloucestershire County Council declared its ambition to become a carbon neutral county by 2050. Currently the sites are performing well, with over 60% of waste being taken to the sites being reused or recycled. Ubico is committed to working closely with Gloucestershire County Council to increase recycling and reuse, including site staff working with the public to increase the sorting of materials bought to site, ensuring the amount of waste that can be recycled is at a maximum.

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Household Recycling Centres were closed to comply with the government's message to 'stay at home'. During this time staff from the centres were redeployed to support the increasing demand on the kerbside services across Ubico's operating locations in Gloucestershire. During their closure staff who weren't redeployed worked hard undertaking cleaning and maintenance, to improve the sites ready for reopening.

In partnership with Gloucestershire County Council, all five sites were successfully and safely reopened in May 2020, and a booking system was implemented to ensure social distancing and safe operating of the sites was possible, for the safety of both the staff and the public.

Councillor Nigel Moor, Cabinet Member for environment and planning said: "Increasing recycling in the county continues to be a top priority for the council and with cabinet's approval we will continue working with Ubico to achieve this. A key feature of the new contract will be to work with them on a programme of continuous improvement for our sites."

"I'm particularly pleased with Ubico's flexibility and support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Their staff worked on district council kerbside collections when our sites had to be closed and they have responded so well to support us and our residents in the re-opening of our HRCs."

Beth Boughton, Interim Managing Director at Ubico said: "We are delighted to announce the continuation of our partnership with Gloucestershire County Council to deliver the management of their household recycling centres beyond 2021. We will continue to work closely in partnership with the council to ensure the sites offer the best possible recycling and re-use opportunities for the residents of Gloucestershire."

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