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News > Ubico Compliance Function celebrates its first birthday!

Keeping our workforce and the communities we serve safe is our greatest priority. In 2019 we received the ISO45001 certification in Occupational Health and Safety and we also created an internal compliance function to ensure a robust monitoring system in health and safety, environmental, fleet and GDPR compliance was in place.

Ubico have made remarkable progress in this time and over the past year we have:

  • Undertaken 33 internal Fleet Audits across 6 Operating Centre's
  • Undertaken 12 Health Safety & Environment Audits
  • Provided 27 'help days' to advise and support staff to ensure they continue to achieve high standards of compliance.
  • Undertaken 40 days of personal development

    We endeavour to have a strong organisational culture that values and rewards customer focused, safety conscious, committed and productive staff and through our internal compliance function we ensure we align with Ubico's corporate values - Deliver Quality, Be Safe, Do the Right Thing, Care for our Environment, and Work Together.

    Mike Penney, Head of Compliance, Ubico Ltd

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