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It's been our absolute pleasure to give local waste and recycling hero Connor Berry a guided tour of our Cheltenham depot.

Connor has been featured in the news recently for all the good work that he does in Cheltenham, helping to organise his neighbour's waste and recycling on collection day. Connor has been interested in refuse trucks since he was a small boy and always looks forward to Wednesdays, when Ubico crews visit his road.

The site tour involved visiting Ubico's operations office to see our vehicle tracking and radio systems in action, followed by a tour of the depot.

Connor had the opportunity to see the Swindon Road recycling centre in full swing, and then our on-site bulking facility, to see the recycling trucks unloading.

At the end of his visit, we presented Connor with some goodie bags, kindly donated by our suppliers and a letter inviting him to a factory tour of the Dennis Eagle factory, where a lot of our trucks are built.

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Sara Hendry

30th January 2018

absolutely brilliant - giving opportunities and hope to those living within the local community