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Ubico manages stock too!

Today we have taken delivery of 1,100 wheeled bins for use on one of our contracts.

Stock management and distribution is just one more service that Ubico offers as a company. Our experienced staff unload and organise the new stock and carry out regular stock checks, ensuring that replacement containers are ordered in good time.

We are sent weekly lists of customers that have requested new or additional recycling boxes and bins. Our admin teams are responsible for sorting the data into efficient and cost effective delivery rounds to keep fuel costs and delivery times as low as possible.

We have dedicated staff on our Cheltenham, Cotswold, Stroud and Tewkesbury contracts whose job it is to deliver containers as an ongoing concern. At times of service change (such as fairly recently on our Stroud contact where we were required to deliver 52,000 sets of waste and recycling containers), we utilise staff from other services as they provide excellent local knowledge.

Bulk bin deliveries - to save space on the delivery vehicles, bin axles and wheels are assembled on site.

 Ubico staff unloading the latest delivery of stock.

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