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News > Ubico's update relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As a company and indeed across the country and worldwide, we are encountering an unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak and its impact. Ubico provides key frontline services to our community which are vital for public health.

Colleagues at Ubico are working together to ensure the public services we provide continue to operate with minimal disruption during this challenging and difficult period. We are in regular contact with our local authority partners and key stakeholders and have detailed contingency plans in place to ensure the continuity of our operations. We are also taking vital measures to ensure the health and safety of our employees and the communities we serve.

During this time, key office personnel are working from home to ensure minimal risk to our crews and continuity of service. We have also introduced stringent measures to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of our depots is at an extremely high standard and are ensuring our staff follow government and Public Health England hygiene protocols. We are also ensuring that anyone who displays symptoms or lives with anybody who is showing symptoms, practices the self isolation period as recommended by the government.

We are also asking residents to follow Public Health England advice regarding waste disposal. Where a resident has displayed symptoms of COVID-19 we are asking them to ensure they dispose of their waste in the correct manner - used tissues and any other related waste should be double bagged, tied securely and kept separate from other waste before being placed in the wheely bin.

We'd like to extend a thank you to all our staff, partners and the communities we serve for their cooperation and assistance in this challenging time.

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